Champagne Joseph Desruets

Cuvée II

Champagnes M & T Collection mainly produced by the assemblage of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay that both came from selected parcels, were exclusively made from “the heart of cuvées”: the purest grape juice. In this collection, these wines have been partly or entirely aged in oak barrels of Burgundy and have already vivified the Chardonnay. The process of aging for a period of one year in oak barrels brings to the Cuvées of the M & T Collection a very aromatic mix allied to a subtle vivacity.


  • Bottle 75 cl


Gold color with amber reflections, accompanied by fine and elegant bubbles, that forms a perfect rosary.


Magnificent harmony between richness, complexity and freshness. The notes of flowers, the touch of citric and dried fruits reveals complete and elegant champagne.


The Cuvée II is characterized by its vivifying and savory side. Seductive floral combination and notes of red fruits are round off by aromas of candied citrus, spices and vanilla.

Food Pairing

The Cuvée II combines with a blue lobster grilled with butter, a fricassee of crayfish and white fish.

To be served at 8-9°C. 

Grape varietals

Pinot Meunier
Pinot Noir
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