Champagne Joseph Desruets

La maison Desruets​

With a terroir of exceptional wealth, a  rich  century-old expertise and  traditional  methods, the House Desruets have strived since the nineteenth century to produce  the  best champagnes.

An incredible story

It was the year 1888 in Hautvillers, in the same village where Dom Perignon discovered champagne, that the family business was born. Edmond Alexandre and Laure Vautrin-Gillet pressed grapes and sold still wine to large champagne houses.

From one generation to the next, the House refine their ancestral expertise to obtain wines with characters and flavours that results in a unique champagne. Today, Matthias and Thomas Kim Eun Desruets are the sixth generation maintaining the tradition. Born in Seoul and adopted by François Desruets, they received their apprenticeship in the art of vine and wine in the Lycée Viticole de la Champagne, and in the family cellar. They have now chosen to share their passion champagne in the land of their ancestors: South Korea.

Mon pays

Au flanc de la colline, le village est niché,
Mondialement connu, c’est à n’en pas douter,
À son moine prestigieux, le bon Dom Pérignon,
Habile cellérier, qu’il doit son grand renom.
Et c’est du Nord au Sud, de l’Est aux Amériques,
Que l’univers entier, d’un élan magnifique,
Glorifie “Le Champagne”, ce vin béni des Dieux !
(Buvez-en, mes amis, vous vous sentirez mieux !)
De ce divin breuvage, la mousse pétillante,
De l’esprit champenois, est l’image vivante !
Adressez, croyez-moi, une aimable pensée,
À ce charmant village qui a nom “Hautvillers”.

Suzanne Desruets

An incomparable style

To maintain their identity and traditions, Matthias Eun and Thomas Kim always press their grapes the traditional way with the wooden oak press “Darcq-Flamain” used by their ancestors since 1888. Each cuvée carries with them over 125 years of history and passion of the House.

With a capacity of 4000 kg, the oak wine press carefully crushes the grapes over a long process that give all the subtlety and rarity to the champagnes Joseph Desruets.

A family héritage

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