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Our Domain is expanding…

It is important for us to share with our friends of the House significant news, announcing a new era in which our domain flourishes. For decades, our vineyards have carried the precious imprint of a carefully preserved winemaking tradition. It is with great joy that we announce our alliance with Château les Mangons in Pineuilh, in the PDO Sainte-Foy Côtes de Bordeaux in Gironde. Our journey on the estate began in 2021, but our commitment dates back to the 2019 vintage, with a meticulous selection of tank wines, while the 2020 harvest was crafted in Bordeaux oak barrels. We also incorporated Champagne barrels crafted by Viard Cooperage, using oak selected from Hautvillers. This is how our first cuvées were developed and bottled in November 2023. This moment marks the beginning of a new chapter, symbolizing the first bottling under the Collection Desruets & Comps, marking a memorable harvest. The soil characteristics of Château Les Mangons are diverse, with about a quarter of our plots on sandy and muddy soils, two quarters on clay and muddy soils, and the remaining two quarters on limestone, clay, and muddy soils. Our soils are maintained through a combination of mechanical work tillage and a controlled management of our vines. Our commitment to biodynamic principles is notable through the regular use of green manures such as oats, rye, and field beans during the winter. This practice prevents soil erosion and encourages aeration. Through the application of dynamized preparations, we have succeeded in significantly reducing the use of copper and sulphur. This diversity of soils, combined with our biodynamic approach, provides an exceptional opportunity to produce blends worthy of the finest Bordeaux wines, both red and white, as well as sparkling wines. Thanks to the Merlot vines grown on limestone soils, we will have the opportunity to create sparkling wines using the traditional method. This work is the result of a shared commitment to harmonize biodynamic practices with the natural cycles of the terroir; it makes perfect sense due to our common values. We are proud to unveil this exceptional creation, a result of our shared passion for the art of wine. Stay tuned to discover the details of its launch and be among the first to savour our future D&C Collection cuvées. This unique alliance between our Bordeaux colleagues and our Champagne expertise promises a distinctive experience. For all wine enthusiasts, this announces the advent of a new stage, with Bordeaux wines bearing the signature of the Joseph Desruets estate! You will soon find these creations available on our online store. Thank you for sharing this exciting adventure with us. Cheers!

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Conversion to organic viticulture

Objective of a clean and viable vineyard This transition period will last three years before certification is obtained. This concerns both work in the vineyard and work in the winery. From a technical point of view, this does not radically change the way we manage the soil or the maintenance of our vines, because for 6 years already we do not use herbicides and are engaged in reasoned viticulture (natural grassing, adaptation of phytosanitary treatments according to the meteo, planting of trees and roses in our vineyard, etc.). We want to respect our terroir even more and have the will to limit the impact of our health and those of our customers. Our leitmotiv: “through wine, we perceive the landscape” to transmit to the 7th generation a cleaner and more sustainable exploitation in time. We will keep you updated on our conversion, stay tuned!

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A new medal for our House!

We are proud to announce you a new award for our Cuvée Reserve. After a golden medal in the « concours mondial de Bruxelles », we were also rewarded by a golden medal in the CWSA (China Wine and Spirits Awards). The CWSA is the biggest &amp; most prestigious wine &amp; spirits competition in China. ALL 100 the Judges are carefully selected for being the top BUYERS of wines and spirits for this market and are importers, distributors, retailers and sommeliers’. Wines and spirits enter from 55 countries and are ‘blind tasted’. Suitable for wines and spirits already selling in the market, and also those wanting to sell to China. <br><br>This award consolidates us in our crazy idea, begun by Thomas, to export our wines at first in South Korea then to export it to the rest of the Asia.

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A new vintage for 2022!

A new vintage for 2022 ! For 3 years now, lightning made of Hautvillers oak sits at the heart of our vat. We wanted to evolve the tastes so characteristic of our champagnes by sublimating them by the noble essence that is the oak. 2018 was an exceptional year for us because of its memorable harvest but also because of the birth of our first child: Anna-Hyun. A unique opportunity to create a cuvée revealing the character of this special year. The 2018 «Soleil» vintage is as warm on the nose as it is refreshing on the palate. D4a nice length in boouche, we decided not to dose it in sugars and to let speak its natural fragrances. Described as «nature» or «zero dosage», this cuvée reveals a nose with well-guarded aromas, which reveal themselves as a secret unveiled in the mouth: fresh aromas of Chinese pomelos mixed with wild rose flowers, underlined by a light woody aroma. A cuvée full of elegance and delicacy that reveals all its power when it meets our palate. Those who know our little girl will know that this description also suits her perfectly! Collection of 2 200 bottles. Available at the domain or on our online shop.

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Why oak for our M&T collection?

Since 2012, our House vinifies micro-cuvées in Burgundy oak barrels (228L) and Champagne (205L). 3 vintages are born from this long aging: the cuvée Prémices, the cuvée II and the cuvée III. But why this specific collection? Today, with all the other existing materials, the use of oak is more a choice than a necessity. We want to give the wine characteristic aromas and flavors. By making different heaters for each barrel, our cooper allows us to develop very specific organoleptic characters. Our wine is then placed in the cask and gradually absorbs these flavors. The aging time is 11 months for each of our cuvées. The longer the breeding time, the more woody flavours appear. Did you recognize in our cuvée II sweet notes of spices and vanilla? In our cuvée III, notes of almonds and pastries? The vinification in oak cask brings to our wines an intense and deep gold color but above all a new complexity and elegance in our champagne range. A cuvée IV is being created, stay tuned!  

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