Champagne Joseph Desruets

Cuvée III

A symbol of a unique century-old expertise in Champagne, each cuvée is rigorously pressed by the family oak press “DarcqFlamain” via a process dating from 1888. The product of this long-term labor imparts sophistication and rarity to the Joseph Desruets champagnes: a natural and subtle oxygenation accentuating the aromas, offering round and powerful wines. This cuvée is the result of the unique harvest of the 2015 vintage. Vinified and aged in oak barrels, it is exclusively composed of our parcel of Pinot Noir «Les coyères» and our parcel of Chardonnay «Les Guillemoines» planted respectively in 2000 and 1989.

Soft & gourmet


  • Bottle 75 cl

Wine making

100% aging in oak barrel
Natural fermentation with indigenous yeasts
No chaptalization 10%
Malolactic fermentation
Mechanical soil maintenance with zero herbicides

Dosage 5 g/L – Harvest 2015
Morning harvest at maturity – Manual harvest
Aging on lees for 48 months in the cellar at 12°C
Coteaux d’Hautvillers – Premier Cru

The senses

The colour is intense and deep gold. This cuvée is of a crazy complexity and of an incredible richness thanks to a passage in oak barrels which brings a characteristic velvety. In the glass, a regular effervescence, fine and elegant.

On the nose, we discover a rich wine, on gourmet notes of pastry, ripe yellow fruits and spices. A gourmet end of mouth full of suppleness.

The mouth offers an elegant, round attack, then unfolds its silky touch, carried by a certain salinity and a hint of minerality. The end of the mouth asserts itself with a nice freshness.


Best served at a temperature of 9-10°C.
Cuvée III is a perfect accompaniment to lobster, young caviar or a monkfish medallion with a creamy girolle sauce. A gourmet cuvée ideal to accompany fine and sophisticated cuisine.

Grape varietals

Pinot Meunier
Pinot Noir
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