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A new vintage for 2022!

A new vintage for 2022 !

For 3 years now, lightning made of Hautvillers oak sits at the heart of our vat. We wanted to evolve the tastes so characteristic of our champagnes by sublimating them by the noble essence that is the oak.

2018 was an exceptional year for us because of its memorable harvest but also because of the birth of our first child: Anna-Hyun. A unique opportunity to create a cuvée revealing the character of this special year.

The 2018 «Soleil» vintage is as warm on the nose as it is refreshing on the palate. D4a nice length in boouche, we decided not to dose it in sugars and to let speak its natural fragrances. Described as «nature» or «zero dosage», this cuvée reveals a nose with well-guarded aromas, which reveal themselves as a secret unveiled in the mouth: fresh aromas of Chinese pomelos mixed with wild rose flowers, underlined by a light woody aroma. A cuvée full of elegance and delicacy that reveals all its power when it meets our palate. Those who know our little girl will know that this description also suits her perfectly!

Collection of 2 200 bottles. Available at the domain or on our online shop.

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