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Why oak for our M&T collection?

Since 2012, our House vinifies micro-cuvées in Burgundy oak barrels (228L) and Champagne (205L). 3 vintages are born from this long aging: the cuvée Prémices, the cuvée II and the cuvée III. But why this specific collection?

Today, with all the other existing materials, the use of oak is more a choice than a necessity. We want to give the wine characteristic aromas and flavors. By making different heaters for each barrel, our cooper allows us to develop very specific organoleptic characters.

Our wine is then placed in the cask and gradually absorbs these flavors. The aging time is 11 months for each of our cuvées. The longer the breeding time, the more woody flavours appear. Did you recognize in our cuvée II sweet notes of spices and vanilla? In our cuvée III, notes of almonds and pastries?

The vinification in oak cask brings to our wines an intense and deep gold color but above all a new complexity and elegance in our champagne range.

A cuvée IV is being created, stay tuned!


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