Champagne Joseph Desruets

Conversion to organic viticulture

Objective of a clean and viable vineyard

This transition period will last three years before certification is obtained. This concerns both work in the vineyard and work in the winery. From a technical point of view, this does not radically change the way we manage the soil or the maintenance of our vines, because for 6 years already we do not use herbicides and are engaged in reasoned viticulture (natural grassing, adaptation of phytosanitary treatments according to the meteo, planting of trees and roses in our vineyard, etc.). We want to respect our terroir even more and have the will to limit the impact of our health and those of our customers. Our leitmotiv:

“through wine, we perceive the landscape”

to transmit to the 7th generation a cleaner and more sustainable exploitation in time.

We will keep you updated on our conversion, stay tuned!

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